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Subsidy withdrawal and the conspiracy against the NLC: Joe Ajero in the eye of a storm

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President Bola Tinubu’s first statement: SUBSIDY IS GONE is not meant to please Nigerians but targeted at engaging NLC in a bloody duet that may break up and weaken the Labour movement in Nigeria and sustains the entrenched criminal allocation of Nigeria’s oil revenues to the rich in perpetuity.




Removal of government interference and funding of oil and gas operations.


Increase in the price of Petroleum products.


Deregulation of the downstream oil and gas sector.


Stoppage of importation of Petroleum products into Nigeria.


Reinventing Nigeria’s moribund refineries.


Deconstructing the dollarisation of Nigeria’s oil and gas transactions from import bills.




There are essentially three major operators in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector namely:




International Oil Companies (IOC’S).


Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN).


Whereas NNPC is the sole importer of Petroleum products, with some accredited companies, the IOCs operate at the onshore platforms for crude exports whilst IPMAN functions at local retail Petroleum products dispensing.


NNPC imports refined petroleum products from the home affiliates of IOCs operating in Nigeria and this covert interface bears the imprimatur of what is called *SUBSIDY as hideously represented as COMMISSION or BROKERAGES enshrined in transactions bureaucracy of feigned importation of Petroleum products into Nigeria, preferably referred to as ARBITRAGE by NNPC goons.


NNPC has found it convenient not to fix Nigeria’s four refineries in the last thirty years in preference for criminal importation of Petroleum products and spending humongous amounts on ill-fated Turnaround Maintenance(TAM) services while paying humongous remuneration to workers of moribund refineries in Nigeria.


Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, former Governor of Kaduna state once warned in 2017 that, If we don’t kill NNPC, then NNPC will kill Nigeria.


Nigeria seems to have arrived at the truth of that unfortunate assertion, with all the four refineries not working, Dangote refinery not working but NNPC dishing out new prices of Petroleum products in anticipation of a futures market that is neither here nor there.




The unassuming soft-spoken NLC President in Joe Ajero looks very knowledgeable, poised and prepared to take on NNPC GMD conspiracy by asking pertinent questions:


Who is subsidising what?


Who are the importers of Petroleum products into Nigeria?


What are they paid for, how and why?


What is a swap arrangement meant for?


Where is the #250 billion CBN provision for funding the Converter Gas model?


NLC’s declaration of nationwide strike action will facilitate the rise of Nigerians to question, rebuke and take over NNPC, or the government working in cahoots with NNPC may divide, discredit and destroy NLC to sustain Nigeria’s dubious institutional decay.


We remember the strike action of Ovie Frank Kokori of PENGASSAN and how he was run out of office by FG into self-exile.


Very recently, we witnessed the bifurcation of ASUU under Prof Emmanuel Osodeke by FG and the registration of rival unknown academic unions to spite ASUU and break its rank and file.


That same government is in power today and has promised continuity.




Given that NNPC is not bothered about oil theft, fixing our moribund refineries, clamping down oil bunkerers, or opening their books for investigation, it is trite knowledge that this declared strike action will run into murky waters and the government may push for the arrest of Joe Ajero and his Executive members once the latter opens the Pandora box of NNPC heinous operations over the years.


It should not be lost on NLC that politicians have taken over NNPC as former staff of NNPC having amassed much wealth have switched professions from oil and gas to political office holding.


Some former NNPC staffers have become state Governors, many are in the National Assembly as senators and House of Rep members whilst the remaining are chairmen of several political parties.


The conspiracy against the Nigerian people over oil price increase is one huge confrontation comparable to the stolen mandate of the February 25, 2023, general elections in which INEC is denying the use of BEVAS as a proper exhibit before the court of law.


Beyond strike action, NLC must set up a very strong legal team to sue NNPC on the following grounds:


Failure to fix Nigeria’s four refineries in the past thirty years.


Account for all the monies spent on Turnaround Maintenance without result.


Name the main importers of Petroleum products into Nigeria and how they are paid.


Explain why Nigeria’s crude production quota fell from 2.5 million barrels per day to 1.02 million barrels per day.


Account for cash calls to FG and remittances to the federation account in the past thirty years.


Determine the appropriate owners of NNPCL and eligibility for Board membership.


Determine whether NNPC has the right to fix prices of Petroleum products in a free market economy.


Demand for the sacking of Melee Kyari NNPCL led Board to effluxion of time and change of management structure because of new incorporation.


Finally, Joe Ajero must be fully prepared for a life-threatening journey at the beginning of this strike action coupled with the political instability in Nigeria arising from nationwide insecurity and a Presidential election fraud case before the tribunal.


Legal action against NNPC is in line with the rule of law and the fundamental rights of Nigerians to seek justice from a criminal enterprise called petroleum sector reforms.


God bless Nigeria.


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