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Sit-at-home: Enugu residents ignore Gov Mbah

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Residents of Enugu on Monday refused to heed the directive of the new Governor of the state, Dr. Peter Mbah, to come out and go about their normal businesses in order to end the Monday sit-at-home that has been crippling the economy of the state.

Daily Champion observed that all banks, markets, schools, shops and offices, remained shut that has been the case.

Even in the neighbouring urban and rural areas of the state, the sit-at-home held sway.

Most Enugu residents confessed that it is the fear of the unknown that made them sit back in their homes, though painfully, as they could not trust the government for their security.

However, there have been police and military patrol vehicles parading the streets for security with police helicopters hovering over the state in aid of protection.

Today’s sit-at-home in Enugu is even taking a worse scenario as the roads, markets and even streets in some areas are deserted while security men flood the area and the streets.

There have been unconfirmed reports of the abduction of some travelers along the Four Corners – Udi bypass earlier today.

Before Governor Mbah’s pronouncement declaring an end to Monday’s sit-at-home in the state, compliance with the sit-at-home has started dying off as people were coming out gradually and needed encouragement to fully build confidence and courage to fully come out on Mondays.

But on Monday morning, despite the earlier threat by the government, which was quickly rescinded, to shut permanently any school, market, bank, parks and other institutions that refuse to be on duty today, none of them is working including filling stations.

Checks on some schools, banks, markets, fuel stations, and Shoprite, observed that the gates of the schools and markets are open but neither students, teachers nor traders are on the premises.

The banks and fuel stations locked their gates, while government private offices are deserted.

The presence of security agents expected to encourage the people to come out and open their shops and other businesses is not felt but has instead caused trepidation on the streets

At various points in Enugu, including Otigba Roundabout with three policemen stationed with a Hilux van and at New Haven junction by Park & J, where the Police parked a car and Hilux and hid inside the fuel station, security was beefed up.

All the way through Otigba to Artisan market, through Ọhụụ Road, and Tunnel to Abakiliki Road, All Saints Roundabout, Shoprite, former Campus Two, to Ogui Road Junction by 82 Division, there was no presence of security agents on road blocks but the vans were seen intermittently.


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