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Russia-Ukraine: Africa’s votes crucial in winning the war- DG NIIA.    

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 .Urges leaders to rethink on relations with the superpowers.


Jonas Ezieke Abuja.

It is not likely that the views of leaders of African countries were sought by Russia before its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 but the reality is that the votes of these nation’s is crucial in winning the war diplomatically says the Director-General Nigeria Institute of International Affairs Lagos NIIA Prof Egosa E.Osaghae.


In so far as the hostilities go on, African states have become the beautiful bride that all sides want and so these nations should rethink their relations with the superpowers in their national interest.


Delivering a lecture titled: “Contending Options For Africa In The Face of Super Power Hostilities:RussoUkranian Conflict As A Case Study” Prof Eghosa E.Osaghae DG NIA said that the votes of African nations is crucial in winning the ongoing war diplomatically.



According to the erudite scholar, African states have become the beautiful bride that all sides in the ongoing conflict wants and there are opportunities offered for Africa lately to bargain their relations with the super powers.


To this end, the most strategic and benfitial option is for Africa states to consolidate it’s multilateral approach that makes it employ bloc politics and coalition building at the UN and other international organisations.


He noted that African countries have been drawn into the war by the superpowers in search of the much needed support for victory as US, German French and Russian officials and delegations including Presidents have criss-crossed African capitals for support.


He said:”What arguably propelled the lobbying mission was the pattern of voting on resolutions in the UN against Russian invasion which increasingly suggested that African countries were either sitting on the fence or supporting Russia.


“In March 2022, the resolution prepared by the EU  and Ukraine deploying Russia’s aggression in the strongest terms and affirming the international community’s commitment to the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine was passed by a majority of 141 votes with 5 against and 35 abstaining”.



He had noted that with the onslaught on Africa’s resources which have intensified conflicts over mining, smuggling, piracy and unsafe sea routes, there have been hints of possible recolonization of these nations


The DG said that Africa’s waterways and sea routes have become the sites of big power rivalry but regrettedly, most countries in the continent are torn by conflicts, insurections, seperatiat agitation, terrorism and civil war most of which have global connections.



He regretted however that many African states are not able to monopolize the legitimate use of force within their territories as to ensure security and they seem to be in need of foreign support.

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