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Remi Tinubu lauds commitment of Nigerian health workers on World Health Day

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Senator Remi Tinubu took the opportunity of World Health Day to acknowledge the critical role that health workers play in maintaining the health and well-being of the Nigerian people. On this day, we recognize the hard work and dedication of all health workers, from doctors and nurses to community health workers and volunteers. Their tireless efforts keep us healthy and safe, and we are grateful for their service.


“Today, as we observe World Health Day, the theme “Health for All:  Health Equity” resonates deeply. It reminds us that healthcare delivery is not a privilege but a fundamental human right.”


While significant progress has been made in the healthcare sector in Nigeria, the gap in health equity remains a critical challenge and we must collectively rise to the occasion. We live in a world where access to quality healthcare delivery services varies due to socio-economic diversities, creating disparities in health outcomes.


“I commend all our healthcare workers for their dedication and commitment to service.”


“Nigeria has weathered so many storms, from Ebola to Covid and yet, we are still here, due to the dedication and commitment of our healthcare workers.

I commend you and say a big thank you to you all.


“I use this opportunity of today to call on all well-meaning Nigerians, organizations and bodies, to help remove all barriers to actualizing health for all in Nigeria.”


Happy World Health Day.


God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria



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