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“Reduce salaries of political office holders to increase that of civil servants”, Ebonyi Principal secretary urges FG

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JACOB OGODO, Abakaliki

The Principal Secretary to Ebonyi State Government and a former Federal Parliamentarian, Chief Mathias Adum, has adviced the Nigerian government to think towards reducing the salaries of political office holders and increase that of civil servants in order to enable them put in their best.

Adum also advocated for a reform in the electoral process and a reform in the democratic engagement, adding that the National assembly and President Tinubu are best suited to do it as  the President has taken a bold step to reform the economic sector and has to do same in the electoral process.

Chief Adum, who made this remarks while speaking on the  25th democracy anniversary in Nigeria, said the survival of Nigeria is more important than any individual and that there is no government without  sacrifice from leaders.

He expressed disappointment over the sudden crumbling of education sector, subsisting insecurity and dwindling economy, noting that Nigeria used to be the envy of other West African countries.

The former Parliamentarian stressed the need to reduce cost of governance at all levels and wondered why insecurity should subsist, education crumble and economy going down the drain .

“This is a time Nigeria will get it right. There must be a reform in our electoral process; there must be a reform in our democratic engagement, the reform should happen now. The national assembly is best suited to do it. Tinubu is best suited to do it because he is a man who has courage; he has taken a bold step to reform the economic sector. I believe he will do same in our electoral process.

“I want to tell you that the journey is still very far. We have to walk the journey so that we will get to the promise land. Put them together, you will know my voice that I am not the happiest person in what I am seeing. Instead of not adding money to civil servants, reduce our own allowances. Politicians, reduce our own to argument their own so that everyone will be happy.

“Yes. Don’t say we are not paid fat salaries. We are paid. I do not belong to those people who say we are not paid fat salaries. So, increase the salaries of civil servants and reduce our own. Because you cannot increase our own and think their own will decrease.

“Reduce the salaries of political office holders and increase that of civil servants so that they will put in their best. There is no government without sacrifice. It doesn’t work. Every group is very important. So, cost of governance has to come down. They gave me orderly and I rejected it. I do not need all those paraphernalia of office”, he stated.

“For me, we have not gotten it right. I am not talking as a government person, I am talking from my small corner. We have not gotten it right. I believe Tinubu is a man who will get everything done. If we fail now, we will never get it right.

“Tinubu has been in the national assembly, he was in the senate. Akpabio has been in the Federal executive. Tinubu has worked in the executive and he has fought and conquered by winning this election, let him bring the best reform.

“Nigeria is more important than an individual. The survival of this country is more important than any individual. Why does insecurity subsists in this country, any reason? Why must education crumble before us? Why is it that our economy has gone down the drain? Why? Nigeria of every other states.

“Have you gone to other West African countries. Places like Niger and Chad. What do they have to offer? Do you know the enormous resources we are having? Both human resources and natural resources. God has blessed this country.

“If all of us should put hands together, Nigeria will be the envy of other countries. It was like that before the war in the middle of the seventies and eighties. Nigeria was a celebrity in the whole continent. Look at the industries that have folded up. Look at them why.

“We have to go back to the drawing board. It is not a matter of one person. There must be reform. Revolution is not carried out by one person. It is by group of people. Not by violent revolution. We have to put on our thinking cap and reform this country for the benefit of all of us.

“Tinubu has been listening to the voice of people. Whenever he takes a wrong decision and you shout, he will drop it down. Do not give gap. If you give gap now evil will strive. Give us good advice, including those of us who are in government. If you give us good advice and we did not listen , it means we are prepared for bad leadership.


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