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Promo: Fidelity Bank rewards 30 customers

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Following its resolve to boost the financial straighten of its customers, Fidelity Bank Plc,said that it has rewarded 30 customers  nationwide with cash prizes and several consolation prizes in the 4th monthly/2nd bi-monthly prize presentation of its Get Alert in Millions (GAIM) season 4 promotion.

The bank rewarded the  lucky customers at the prize presentation ceremonies held simultaneously at the six geo-political zones in the country and witnessed by regulatory agencies.

At the Lagos Zone, Fidelity Bank presented cash wins of N1 million, N2 million, N3 million and three consolation prizes of refrigerators, TV set and a generator.

In Lagos, Nwankwo Chigozie Chukwudiebube was given N1 million, Mr. Salisu Mohammed, a Military Personnel and Adepeju Esther Adepoju, a business woman, went home with N2 million each.

In his response, Mr Mohammed who won N2 million, expressed joy over his emergence  as one of the winners in the promo having banked with Fidelity for three years now.

He said, “When I was called, I wasn’t really exited because of the situation of things in the country, everybody is scared especially when it comes to unknown number. I had to called my account officer who confirmed it.

“I am happy that I emerged as one of the winners of this promo. I am really exited. Initially, i didn’t believe it is true but now we are here. I started banking with Fidelity bank in 2017 and I encourage as many that are still doubting to hurry and open account with Fidelity so that they can also benefit.

Mrs. Adepeju Adepoju Esther, a business woman,  who also went home with N2 million, thanked God for making her part of the wimmers in the Fidelity Bank GAIM season 4 promo, urging her friends and family members to hurry and open account with Fidelity Bank.

She said, “ I feel so blessed, I am so grateful to God for making me to be among the winner for today, I am so excited. When I was called, I didn’t believe it, I felt it was a scam. But as the day goes by,I saw that it is real. So I say a very big thank you to Fidelity Bank, I will always choose you over and over again.

“To my friends and family members, I will tell them to come and open account with Fidelity Bank. One of my friends came with me today, she said she has been watching this kind of thing on TV and never believed it is real. She thought the bankers will bring their  family members, now that I am a winner, she now know that it is real and have that confidence with Fidelity Bank.

“On how to invest the money she said, First, i  will pay my tithe, secondly, I will add some into my business, I will invest some, give some to my siblings and parents,” she said.

Mrs Augustina Nwankwo, who received the N1 million on behalf of her son, urged parents to open account for their children with Fidelity Bank, stressing that the bank keep to their words.

In her words, “It is my son Chigozie Nwankwo that actually won the prize. I opened account for my son, eight years ago with Fidelity Bank, he is going to turn seventeen this year, that means we have been banking with Fidelity for a very long time.

“I am so happy, Fidelity keep their words and that is very important. It is actually my son that won the N1million. When I called, I never believed it ,but when I met with my account officer and confirmed with my branch , they said it is true, so, I am here to take the price. I am encouraging all the parents to try and open account for their kids with any bank, but especially Fidelity bank because I have been banking with them and have been seeing what they are doing.

“So I am encouraging everybody to open account with Fidelity Bank and they will have the same gift from fidelity bank. Thank you Fidelity Bank for keeping to you words,” she said.

Earlier in his opening remarks , Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Mr. Nnamdi Okoknwo said 30 winners emerged at the forth monthly monthly/ second bi-monthly draw which cuts across the six Geo-political zones of the country.

Okonkwo who was represented by the the bank’s Divisional Head, Retail Banking, Mr. Richard Madiebo said, when these prizes were announced, some of the winners expressed doubt, today we are here to make sure that in fidelity, it is what we say that we do.

“ As we are having this event here, across Nigeria we are also rewarding people, in the South West, the North, Abuja, South East and South South in addition to what we are doing in Lagos. Today in Lagos we will be rewarding customers with N1 million, N2 million N2 million and then three consolation prizes of fridges, TV sets and Gen sets. Similar presentations are going on across the six geo-political zones, we are rewarding 30 winners through out the federation,” he said.

Speaking further, he said a total of N4.8 million has also been given out in airtime.

“We rewarded our faithful customers in our Get Alert in Millions Season 4, the promos we have held over the past 13 years, this is the ninth in the series of our savings promos. What we usually do is to identify our customers that have saved with us and have met all the criteria for the award, we do a draw and those that are lucky will win these prizes.

“What we we gave out today was cash prizes, in the Lagos area to tune of N5 million and then generating set, refrigerator and Tv set. There is still a lot of things to win, we have done N68 million in cash prizes so far, we have N52 million to go. So what we are telling customers is this is the right time to save.

On how to participate in the promo, Fidelity Bank, Oshodi Branch Manager, Abisayo Raji said, “if you are an existing customer, all you need to do is for the period of the draw to increase your savings account deposit with by N10,000, but if you dont have account with Fidelity Bank, open and account and gradually grow the deposit by N20,000.

Raji who was represented by Mr. Ukpai Ibe said, by that a customer stand a change of qualifying for the draw.

“For an existing customer who has a savings account, all you have to do is to grow your deposit by N10,000 and you will be in for the draw and for new customers, N20,000 and you are in for the draw for N1 million, for 2 million, whether you are new or existing customer, you only need to grow your deposit  or open a new account and grow the deposit by N20,000 and you are in for the draw for N2 million, and fro N3million, for  new and existing customer, all you need is N50, 000. If you grow your deposit by N50,000 as an existing customer, you are qualified for the draw, for a new customer, if you open an account and gradually grow it up to N50, 000, you will be in for the draw.

“At the end of the promo, we have the grand price, were two people will emerge as winners of N10 million, all you need to do is to grow your deposit by N200.000, whether you are existing or new customer,” he said.

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