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Press conference of Tradewyse Concepts with Amalgamated Union for Alaba Int’l Market Council held in Lagos

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The purpose of the meeting was to invite the Amalgamated Union to partner with the organization of Tradewyse Concepts Limited in a business. It is a company established in 2001 and one of our expatriates is culturing Public Private Partnership (PPP) with government. We design project and programs. Tradewyse Concepts Limited will be launching very soon the first discount service in Africa in Europe and it’s been approved by the Central Bank and we are partnering with the First bank of Nigeria.

Hon Dr Kenneth Ibe-Kalu, the MD/ CEO of Tradewyse Concepts Limited took his time to introduce and enlightened the Alaba Int’l Market Union on the implementation of Finance act 2020, using Stamps from an accredited nipost retailer to issue to customers after sales. Every receipt sold or issued from one thousand naira and above should be demitted with 50 naira stamps and then customers should cancel it by signing it, that’s the law. It makes the receipt or ticket valid and it makes transactions genuine. And non compliance will be prosecuted, customers that buys and never insisted on receipt to be stamped will have an issue in the court of law.

The Alaba Market Union is very structured and it made up of 17 different Secretariat of various sections. We need to carry them along that’s why we had a discussion with them.

Hycient Fabian who is the Executive Chairman of Electrical Dealers Association of Nigeria (EDAN) advices Tradewyse Concepts Limited during the briefing, also compliments them of their good work, adding that they should not relent in what they are doing.

Hon Kenneth Ibeh addresses the media during the presentation, he said that ‘Our company is very mindful of given back to the society. We will be establishing a Restoration Trust Fund which will be instituted for Alaba international and will be unveil during our launching, we are making available certain funding from each of the stamps that is been sold so we can put it in the fund to assist those who have genuine and reasonable problem that needs to be re empowered or empowered to succeed. And those that are victim of natural disasters, fire disaster, etc, that need to be uplifted. We are doing that and as soon as we split it, it will continue to run. We are going to have some board of trustees which we have told them to appoint two persons among them to be part of the board, every quarter will give out to people who applied. We are also in charge of Uber. For every drop and pick in Uber, we are the stamp retailer that is working’.

Talking about the connection and agreement between nipost and Tradewyse Concepts limited which he said they are stamp retailer, they are retailing for the federal government, they have commission, and it is out of the commission they are investing into the system. It’s not about making the profit alone but we must think about the community where we are making the profit. We will as well support the union on monthly basis so that they can carry out their program, it’s part of what of Tradewyse concept is doing.

We have various sectors. We are not only focusing on traders. In our company I am in charge of Alaba market, we have other companies in charge of different market, there are those incharge of schools, those incharge of banks, those incharge of supermarket, etc. In the wisdom of nipost, they decided to bring in so many so that the companies can be covered because it won’t be easy for one person to cover the whole country.





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