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Summary of the book

Many people have positive desires and motives that are awesome! Still, to fulfil these desires and motives are somehow hard and life seems challenging on every side. Many tries to overcome the storms of life and achieve their mandates, but feared to fail, and the fear to fail is to fail mercilessly. The book titled, Overcoming Inertia which inertia literally means a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged while Overcoming Inertia is how to set yourself free from stasis and dullness to helping one fulfill the mandates and purpose of one’s life. The book was authored by Joyce Ugbosu, a successful Tech Entrepreneur and Educator, who founded a Tech Pre, and Elementary school in the Lekki Peninsular axis of Lagos called Lakewood British School to help give quality education at affordable pricing.

Joyce discussed some of the causes of inertia which are: Uncertainty, Overwhelm, Fear, Loss and significant changes. There are also tips discussed in the book in overcoming inertia which are to be aware, just dream by analyzing your visions and dreams, be inspired to work towards the motives and plans, starting with what you have in order to start easy and not too hard in life not to get bored and fed up of life, taking action is very important and cannot be overemphasized to overcome inertia. In addition, managing time and working diligently are needed to overcome stagnancy in life. Other steps are; identifying the source, starting small, boost your energy, acknowledge progress, seek purpose and inspiration. All these emerged consequent upon the life experience of the author.

The multipreneur Joyce Ugbosu launched her book Overcoming iNertia. The author who plays big in the Education/IT training space launched  her 3rd book Overcoming iNertia and ventured into her coaching career with the Overcoming iNertia bootcamp. Here’s the review of her work.
Quality of the book

This book by Joyce Ugbosu titled, Overcoming Inertia, is a book of immense high quality both in contents and prints. How can I overcome the fear of life? How can I meet up to People’s expectations? What should I do first and how can I implement this? And to overcome these, one must do away with the spirit of fear and do first thing first and following the procedures stated in the book.

Some of the Quotes by the writer

Some of the quotes inspired through the writer to further reach the mind of the readers of this book include; “My trust in God was still upon a rock. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and mount up wings as eagles”; “The devil knows big dreams. He is ever–scheming, plotting to destroy whatever dream you have”; “I can do it with God’s help”; “The one thing that will guarantee the successful conclusion of a doubtful undertaking is faith in the beginning that you can do it”; and “Dreams are not what you see in your sleep, Dreams are things which do not let you sleep”.

Rating of the book:

Bishop S.R Nortey (5 star*****)

This book is definitely a must to read for proper implementation to break free from dullness and stagnancy in life. And for anyone who has been struggling with fear of achieving his or her dreams and aspirations in life.

Bankole Williams

In this book, Joyce shows us how she became and continually becomes this person – one who responds to apathy with action, lethargy with energy, and passivity with purpose, passion, and motivation.

As a Peak Performance expert of over a decade, I know for a fact that people are stuck in patterns of inertia;

She also shares what I have seen to be consistent in many of my mentors who have become great names in our time – “starting where you are.”

While overcoming inertia may have seemed daunting before you picked this book, reading this book will give you the guidance you need to surmount what might have seemed like a herculean task.

The keys Joyce has shared in this book are universal and, when applied, would result in something truly remarkable, something many have waited for – you launch out to become that person you have been created to be.

Ifueko Okoro

I used to struggle with procrastination and lack of motivation. I had many goals and dreams, but I never seemed to act on them. I felt stuck in a rut and frustrated with myself. Then I read your book “Overcoming Inertia,” which changed everything. This book taught me how to overcome inertia and achieve my desired outcomes. It gave me practical tools and strategies to break free from the habits and mindsets holding me back. I was inspired by your story of overcoming inertia and achieving extraordinary things.

This book was a game-changer for me. It helped me to get unstuck and start living the life I always wanted. I highly recommend this book. It will transform you from a dreamer to a doer.

Henrietta Adams

Overcoming Inertia is a must-read for anyone who feels stuck and wants to make a positive change. Joyce provides a step-by-step guide on overcoming inertia in any area of your life, whether it’s your career, relationships, health, or hobbies. If you’re looking for a book that will inspire, motivate, and empower you to live your best life, then Overcoming Inertia is the book for you.”

Abimbola Durojaye

This book helped me to break free from my inertia and fear and start living the life I always wanted. It helped me to discover new opportunities, learn new skills, and pursue my passions. It also helped me to improve my health, relationships, and self-esteem. It made me realize that I have the power to change my life for the better. It’s been an absolute pleasure gleaning from the wealth of experience Coach Joyce has to offer. She is not just passionate about the work she does with her clients, she is graced for it. Personally, execution of some of my overdue goals became easier after I signed up to have her as a personal coach. Her energy, enthusiasm and ability to follow up and follow through with her clients stand her out. As the queen of execution herself, her work ethics and routine speaks for her. I’m so grateful I get to be accountable with my goals to someone who is clearly also smashing hers. Thanks coach J, I’m happy to ride with you.


It is, therefore, recommended for those who think there is no glorious future for them; that there is still hope for the hopeless, those facing trials never to look back but keep on the good works and “Shock” into action! The book encourages people who intends looking back by allowing spirit of doubt and fear not to retrogress but be focused and be determined to aim higher and dream big! For there will surely be a light at the end of the tunnel.

It is, therefore, highly recommended for people of all classes and race.

For a better society

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