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OTC 2024: Nigerian govt. should strengthen Local Content Policies says Jumoke Oyedun

.assures  stakeholders of  quality service delivery at future conferences  

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Jumoke Oyedun is the Managing Director, ACME Multitech Services. Oyedun, a Nigerian accredited member of the organising committee of the 2024 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, U.S. . She shared insight on Nigerian’s participation in this year’s conference. Excerpts

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How would you access the 2024 OTC Nigerians participations


As the Managing Director of ACME Multi Tech Services Ltd and an organizer of OTC 2024, we assess Nigerian participation quantitatively and qualitatively. Registration data indicates increased interest, while engagement levels during sessions highlight active involvement. Networking events fostered valuable connections, leading to potential business opportunities. Follow-ups reveal concrete outcomes like partnerships.

Feedback from Nigerian and other Africa Countries participants guides future planning. Media analysis gauges industry perception and global visibility. Nigerian involvement at OTC 2024 signifies significant progress in fostering global business relationships and technological exchanges in the offshore technology sector.

How many numbers of Nigeria companies showcased their companies under the New House International limited.


At OTC 2024 in Houston, Texas, managed by New House International Limited, 20 prominent oil and gas firms showcased their services and expertise. Among them were Seplat Energy Plc, Tasaniola Nigeria Limited, JOENY Holdings Limited, Goddie Chemicals International Limited, Aradel Holdings Plc, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, New Energy Services Company Limited, and Ardova Plc. Significantly, we highlighted two female-owned businesses, Offshore Dimension Limited and Numad Energy Limited, emphasizing our commitment to gender inclusivity. All these companies exemplify the varied capabilities of Africa’s oil and gas sector, underscoring its vibrancy. New House International Limited plays a pivotal role in championing growth and diversity within the industry.


What are your expectations for 2025 OTC


As we look forward to the 2025 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), our expectations are ambitious, building upon this year’s successful participation. We intend to broaden the platform, offering increased representation for African-owned businesses, with a particular focus on Nigerians. This involves securing a prominent location to highlight their innovations in the global oil and gas industry. Our goal is to showcase the collective advancements of African businesses, particularly Nigerian firms, on a global stage.


How will you described 2024 OTC,  in terms of panel sessions, African leaders Delegations and quality service delivery


The 2024 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) stood out for its distinguished panel sessions and notable African leadership presence. Leading figures, including ministers from Nigeria and Ghana, along with managing directors of International Oil Companies (IOCs) and National Oil Companies (NOCs), enriched discussions on industry challenges and opportunities.

Panels covered a wide array of topics, reflecting current trends and addressing African industry concerns. The diverse participation provided comprehensive insights into global and local energy dynamics.

Service delivery was exceptional, ensuring all attendees received a seamless experience. This commitment to excellence contributed significantly to the conference’s success.

Overall, the 2024 OTC set a new standard for global oil and gas conferences, serving as a vital platform for African industry advancement and international partnerships.


What would you considered as challenges at the just-concluded OTC


The 2024 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) encountered a significant hurdle due to the absence of printed booklets, typically essential for attendees in planning their visits and identifying key exhibitors. This absence potentially impeded participants from efficiently connecting with relevant businesses. Smaller companies and new entrants, relying on traditional methods for visibility, were particularly affected by this shortfall. While digital alternatives exist, not all attendees may have immediate access or prefer them over physical copies.

Addressing this challenge for future conferences is paramount to ensuring exhibitors receive adequate recognition and engagement with attendees. Potential solutions include ensuring reliable distribution of digital guides before the event and exploring eco-friendly ways to provide printed materials. Additionally, enhancing app functionalities or incorporating interactive kiosks at the venue could help mitigate the impact of the absence of physical booklets, ensuring a smoother experience for all participants.

How would you rate Nigeria indigenous companies in terms of impacting service delivery,  technical competence and capacity


Nigerian indigenous companies have shown impressive progress in service delivery, technical competence, and capacity building, receiving praise in these areas. Their improvements in operational excellence and innovation within the oil and gas sector are becoming more apparent, underscoring their dedication to maintaining high standards.

This advancement not only facilitates their growth but also propels Nigeria’s overall economic development, solidifying its position as a key player in the global oil and gas industry.


 What will your advise to the organiser of the Offshore Technology Conference for 2025


For the 2025 Offshore Technology Conference, ensuring continued success and positive reviews can be achieved by focusing on:

  1. **Enhanced Networking**: Implement more sophisticated networking tools and structured opportunities to foster meaningful connections.
  2. **Interactive Content**: Introduce dynamic and engaging session formats that involve participants more actively.
  3. **Responsive Feedback Systems**: Quickly adapt to feedback during the event to address any issues and improve the attendee experience in real-time.
  4. **Sustainability Practices**: Emphasize and improve sustainable practices at the event to appeal to environmentally conscious stakeholders.

By getting prepared on these key areas, the conference can not only maintain its high standards but also enhance its reputation and attendee satisfaction.


What is New House International limited next plans for international oil and gas Conferences.


New House International Limited aims to increase its impact at global oil and gas conferences by expanding strategically, enhancing presentations, forming partnerships, ramping up marketing, and prioritizing innovation. This involves securing bigger exhibition areas, improving presentation quality with interactive displays, forging key alliances, intensifying marketing endeavors, and highlighting industry trends. Through these actions, the company seeks to boost its global presence, effectively engage conference attendees, and solidify its position as a prominent player in the international oil and gas sector.


 How will you encourage participation of other service providers and indigenous companies next year


To enhance participation in next year’s conference, prioritizing quality service delivery and raising standards is essential.

What is your advise to Nigeria Government on local content development towards improving oil and gas industry


To enhance local content development and capacity building in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry, the Government should Strengthen Local Content Policies; Invest in Education and Training; Provide Financial Support, including grants, low-interest loans, and venture capital funding for indigenous companies; Establish Innovation Hubs to focus on oil and gas technology; Promote, Partnerships between foreign investors and local businesses; Enhance Infrastructure Development for efficient operations; Implement Transparent Policies for trust and participation; Monitor and Evaluate initiatives to ensure effectiveness and adjust as needed. All these actions will create a conducive environment for sustainable growth in the industry.


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