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Nigeria@62: We Need Proactive Leadership To Survive-Public Analyst

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As Nigeria attended its 62 years of nationhood, Dr.Mike Innocent is the Public analyst and member of the civil society organizations (CSO), based on the Plateau. In this brief chat with Daily Champion correspondent DANIEL DAUDA in Jos, Plateau State capital, he shed his thought on what Nigeria should do to moved forward.

According to Innocent ” well, even before our Independent in 1960 by the British Colony God has already blessed Nigeria with abundant resources but the people (leadership) who are manning the affairs and ensure our common survival as a nation is the issue.
“We have witnessed different administrations of military and civilian governance but yet the indices of under development keep on soaring. The only thing we boost of it for now is over population. Nigeria population is approximately two hundred million.
“So, in my own views for Nigeria to grow, move forward and reckoned with other comity of Nations we need to take a deliberate steps towards addressing certain things and this includes; leadership failure, respect for the rule of law, insecurity, economy and education.
“Talking about leadership since Nigeria became into democracy Nation in 1999, we have seem the displayed of power play by the past and present. Government, both the three arms of Government (the executive, legislature and the Judiciary) and also three tier of Government; Federal, State and Local Government.Even though the leaders have tried on their own thinking to bring that much needed dividends of democracy to the public but records mild success due to self-centered, personal and parochial interest. The place of mentorship has become very difficult that is why we keep on having same set of leadership without foresight.
 “On disobeying the rule law, have a constitution which is our working document or guide as a Nation but unfortunately the rules of engagement as stipulated in the Constitution is not strictly adhere to making the Institution of Government very weak or malfunction. And the situation escalate under this administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.
“The issue of insecurity in appears to be a nightmare to the populace. Though there are those who are benefiting from it. Looking at the way we are going you begin to asked do we really have a Government? If yes then why are we where we are?
“Few days ago I am watching a programme (Sunrise Daily) on Channels Television titled ” insecurity: curbing small arms proliferation”. The guest at the programme was Captain Umar Aliyu Rtd where he said that the survey has shown there is over 6 million firearms already in circulation in Nigeria. Those firearms are ten times more than what our security apparatus are operating. The firearms is in possession of terrorists, Boko Haram, Bandits, kidnappers and other criminals.
“My worry and concern is where are those firearms coming from and who is furnishing those terrorists groups with this arm to continue unleashing terror to Nigerians unabated. Some people are behind the scene masterminding all this insecurity ravaging the nation and the Government is fully aware of them.
“Leadership or governance is all social contract between the people and the Government but in Nigeria today the contract have failed woefully because the leaders continued gambling with lives of its citizens. If terrorists can have access for sophisticated weapons how much more of Nigerian security, taking into consideration the whopping billions of Naira channel for security.
“Government should understand that leadership is about responsibility not a lip-service. They should upgrade our security forces with a modern sophisticated weapons so that they can have the Arsenal to moap out those terrorists and criminals for the common good of our nation.
Economy: “like I pointed out earlier Nigeria is a country which God has blessed with abundant resources. Issue is the leadership that can coordinate and harness those God given resources. We focused so much attention on crude oil and abandoned other sectors that could lead to economic growth and sustainability as a nation while the crude oil price is not longer as it used to be at the international market.
” In accelerating economy growth to shield ourselve from the economy crisis we need focus attention on building local industries to address address umemployment among youths, fixed our cost of production issues.
“While on education, we claimed to be the giant of Africa but in the real sense were not. The development of any Nation hing on education which is its bedrock. Does Nigeria attend that park? Of course not! Nigeria don’t have a viable and well organized policy in respect to education sector that is why we are experiencing a backdrop on our education.
“The public schools are no longer attractive rather parents choose to take their wards (Children) to private schools.
Look at our higher Institutions, the constant proliferation high Institutions most especially the University without adequate funding is worrisome. Instead of Government to focus attention on funding the already existing ones but they remain reluctant.
“Look at seven or eight months strike action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) which the Government deliberately failed to address. Instead of progressing we continued retrogressing because the living standard of our education is completely shrouded as a result of bad governance. It is through education that we can drive away brain-drain and ensure a robust healthcare system, sound technology, agriculture and tourism potentials.
“Therefore, thank God we approaching general elections and it serves as an opportunity to make amend by voting those leaders who can change the fortune of this country but if we repeat the previous mistake because ethnic or religion sentiments we will have ourselves to blamed.”

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