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Nigeria Independence 2022: Dr Antoni Okoh set to celebrate Nigeria’s Victory , to feed the needy

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As the country is gearing towards a new election, a lot of politicians are positioning themselves for various electoral position. This have seen a lot of them heading back to the grassroots that many of them have forgotten years ago.


The political space in the country today is getting highly competitive and the question on the lips of every Nigerian is; Who will be the Nigerian President come 2023. A lot of the political gladiators and juggernauts have started marshaling out their plans and laying bare their blueprints on how to secure votes.

Having this in view, the General Overseer of Sovereign Word Church is set to organize a program on Independence Day to invite Nigerians to seek the face of God. Celebrating Independence in Nigeria, there is a need to celebrate Nigeria Independence from demonic oppression and affliction. After 21 days fasting and prayer, the Lord instructed the host, Dr Antoni Okoh to organize an outreach program to redeem and restore Nigeria lost glory.


The program which is theme “Victory Over Hard Cases” slated to commence on the 1st October 2022, 2pm, at Excellence Hotel, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. The host, Dr Antoni Okoh reiterated that Its going to be moment Of total freedom, revealing problems and proffering instant solutions. Adding that there will be palliative. Free Rice distribution for the needy, free medical Consultancy for those who are health challenged. Emerging Prayer, Healing, Medicine and Charity together to procure recovery

Dr Antoni Okoh, who is a renowned and a reputable man of God. which will also features Salvation, Deliverance, Healing, Prophetic Utterance with solutions, Miracle, Signs and Wonders, etc. He also said that The End of Affliction has come in the lives of everyone that will attend. It will be a day of recovery.


Watch video presentation on the link  below…


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