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Mswizz Advocates for Discovering and Building Local Talent in the Music Industry

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Nigerian musical artist Mswizz, whose real name is Saviour Kelvin, is advocating for the discovery and development of local talent in the music industry. In an exclusive interview in Calabar, Mswizz emphasized the importance of grassroots support and creating platforms for home grown artists to showcase their talent. He shared his own experiences breaking into the mainstream and the need for guidance, mentorship, and opportunities for home grown artists to grow. Mswizz’s latest single, “Grace,” is a melodic blend of Afrobeat and Amapiano vibe that speaks to the heart and soul. He collaborates with emerging artists, including Lakassablanka, and is known for his engaging stage presence and charismatic persona. Mswizz remains committed to supporting local talent and making a positive impact in his community.

In an exclusive interview with newsmen in Calabar, Nigerian musical artist Mswizz, whose real name is Saviour Kelvin, emphasized the importance of discovering and building local talent in the music industry. With a passion for nurturing emerging artists, Mswizz shared his insights on how to identify and develop local talent, highlighting the significance of grassroots support in the growth of the music industry.

According to Mswizz, “The music industry needs to focus on discovering and building local talent. There are so many gifted artists in Nigeria, especially in Calabar, who have the potential to make a significant impact in the industry. However, they lack the necessary support and resources to reach their full potential.”

Mswizz, who has been in the music industry for several years, has experienced firsthand the challenges of breaking into the mainstream. He believes that local artists need guidance, mentorship, and opportunities to showcase their talent. “We need to create platforms for local artists to perform, collaborate, and learn from each other. This will help them gain exposure, build their fan base, and develop their craft,” he emphasized.

When asked about his latest single, “Grace,” Mswizz explained that the title was inspired by his personal journey and the role of grace in his life. “Grace is a reflection of my experiences, struggles, and triumphs. It’s a song about hope, resilience, and the power of grace in overcoming adversity,” he said.

“Grace” is a melodic blend of Amapiano and calapiano, with lyrics that speak to the heart and soul. The song features Mswizz’s signature smooth vocals, accompanied by a catchy beat and harmonious instrumentation. “I wanted to create a song that would inspire and uplift people, reminding them that grace is always available to help us navigate life’s challenges,” he added.

Mswizz’s commitment to supporting local talent is evident in his collaborations with emerging artists. His latest single features a talented home grown artist, Lakassablanka, who brings a fresh perspective and energy to the track. “Collaborating with home grown artists not only helps them gain exposure but also brings new ideas and creativity to the table,” Mswizz explained.

In addition to his music, Mswizz is also known for his engaging stage presence and charismatic persona. His live performances are electric, leaving audiences spellbound and craving more. “I believe that a live performance is an opportunity to connect with fans on a deeper level, share my story, and inspire them through my music,” he said.

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