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MOTIVATION & LIFE: You Never Know What Will Work Until You Work It Out!

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Amb. Joseph O. Fakorede


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Every achievement the world over has happened as a result of someone taking a bold step of faith as a product of deep rooted conviction.


The airplane happened because the Wright Brother as believed in the possibility of humans flying in the air.

The telephone happened because Graham Bells believed that humans can communicate even hundred of miles away.


The ATM happened because John Francis Barron believed that humans can make bank transaction even when the bank has closed for business of the day.


CNN worked because Ted Turner believed that he can touch the world through a well organized media.


Zenith Bank worked because Jim Ovia believed that he can compete with First Bank.

Channels Television worked because John Momoh believed that he can compete with NTA.


The company that you are now working for also worked because your M.D. believed in the workability.


Just like all of the above; something in your life will also begin to work the moment you begin to believe in the beauty of your dreams.


I have the singular honor of bringing this information to you now because I have the strong believe that it is going to make some impact in your thinking and achievement level.


Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel said “Nothing works but for workers”


Rev. Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Centre in his own wisdom said “Even the eagle does not know how high it can fly until it tries”


The Bible said “Faith without work is dead”


And one of my mentors; Dr. Robert Tilton said “Faith without work will not work”


Now, coming back to you; and how does all this affect you?


The truth about you is that things will begin to work for you the moment you begin to believe in the beauty of your dreams and the workability of your ideas.


The reason that we have life failures all over the place is because such people are afraid of failure.


In the Bible, Job said “The things I fear most has come upon me”


Majority of people don’t want to be laughed at when they fail.

But research has confirmed that any meaningful success is virtually impossible without experiencing some failures.


If you want to win in the game if life, you must dare to take a step of faith.

The reality of life is that nothing will work for you until you begin to work them out.


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