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Michael Onyemah launches platform for empowering aspiring fashion entrepreneurs

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Mykmary Fashion CEO, Michael Onyemah, has been making waves in the fashion industry by empowering fashion entrepreneurs to succeed in their businesses. With his vast experience in promoting fashion businesses, Michael Onyemah has become a beacon of hope for many fashion entrepreneurs.


The Nigerian fashion space is worth billions and very creative, churning out lots of designs for other countries. The Nigerian fashion space has been known to be ebullient and always adapting to global realities, but the snag is that most fashion creatives and seamstresses are barely educated and do know the rudimentary management of the fashion business.


In this light, Micheal Onyemah, the Founder of Mykmary Fashion Business School is desirous in exposing the unlettered players to the modern fashion business. Mykmary’s journey in the fashion industry started years ago, as a way to promote indigenous fashion brands through fashion shows and awards. During this period, he interacted with numerous fashion entrepreneurs and discovered that while many are skilled at designing beautiful outfits, they often lack the necessary business strategies and action plans to succeed in the industry.


However, Onyemah did not want to keep all his knowledge and experience to himself. He realized that there were many aspiring fashion entrepreneurs who lacked the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the industry. This led him to create the Mykmary Fashion Business School, which provides hands-on business coaching and mentorship training in all aspects of the fashion business, including branding, packaging, sales, business system and structure, digital marketing, fashion buying, and merchandising among others.


Through the Mykmary Fashion Business School, Michael Onyemah has trained different levels of fashion entrepreneurs, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the industry. He has also created a platform for these entrepreneurs to showcase their designs and products, through the annual Mykmary Fashion Show, which has become a major event in the Nigerian fashion calendar.


Michael Onyemah’s commitment to empowering fashion entrepreneurs has not gone unnoticed. Speaking on this, Onyemah pointed out that he has seen several gaps in the fashion industry with lots of Nigerians not knowing what it takes to manage a fashion business, this has affected their scalability and also profitability. At Mykmary Fashion Business School, we are poised to bring these sets of stakeholders to speed and show them a path to profitability.


Speaking on his passion for empowering fashion entrepreneurs, Onyemah said, “I believe that every aspiring fashion entrepreneur should have access to the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the industry. My goal is to create a platform where they can learn and grow, and ultimately, contribute to the growth and development of the Nigerian fashion industry.”With Michael’s passion and dedication to empowering fashion entrepreneurs, there is no doubt that the Nigerian fashion industry will continue to grow and thrive in the years to come.


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