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IPOB urges Ndigbo to reject cervical cancer vaccine from FG

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Wednesday called on girls in Biafra land to avoid taking the purported cervical cancer vaccine from the Nigerian Government.

IPOB in a statement made available to journalists by it’s media and publicity secretary said that information it gathered has it that the purported cervical cancer vaccine will be administered to female children from 9 years to 14 years.

It noted that medically speaking, cervical cancer happens to sexually active women and wondered why the vaccine is targeted at teens who are considerably not sexually active.

The statement partly read, “Why is the vaccine targeted on teen girls instead of the sexually active women?

“Cervical cancer is an age long disease among sexual active women. Our grandmothers, mothers, and sisters have lived their lives without cervical cancer vaccine and cervical cancer. Why would our young girls be targeted for vaccines instead of the older women who are above childbearing age? Does it mean that older women are not threatened by the same cervical cancer?

“Ndigbo have never been beneficiaries of the Federal Government economic benovelence. Therefore, Ndigbo must be careful of any medical benovelence from the Nigeria government.

“Moreso, the world we live in today is being manned by dangerous people with their own agendas. Some of the agendas, such as Bill Gate’s depopulation program agenda, are not hidden.

“The COVID 19 vaccine has proven to be promoted by people with hidden agendas. Our people must be very careful in whatever vaccine that the government introduces because behind some of these vaccines are demonic agendas.

“As much as IPOB agrees that cervical cancer is real, we will not encourage our children (ages 9-14) to accept any cervical cancer vaccine. Biafran parents must avoid subjecting their children as guinea pigs for medical experiments. Some of the vaccines are targeted at creating infertility among the men and women in Africa, particularly among the highly fertile race, which Ndigbo is among the top.”

While calling on Biafran parents to avoid vaccination of their girl child with purported cervical cancer vaccine from the Federal Government of Nigeria, IPOB urged Biafrans not to allow themselves to be intimidated by anyone to accept any vaccine against their will.

It added, “No one has the right to vaccinate any Biafran child without their parents’ consent. The target of this vaccine is on the adolescent who can’t consent legally.

‘Therefore, Biafran parents are advised not to give consent to this cervical cancer vaccine. No school proprietor in Biafra Land should allow any girl in his/her school to be vaccinated without her parents’ consent. But if a parent consents to this vaccine, that parent should be responsible for whatever happens to his or her daughter’s fertility in the future.

“Those Biafrans contracted to campaign for this cervical cancer vaccine should be guided and also be held responsible should anything happen to any girl after the vaccination.

‘Vaccine campaigners should be careful not to be used in the depopulation agenda against Ndigbo. Nigerian Government and World Health Organization (WHO) are not institutions to be trusted. Vaccine campaigners must be sure they’re not ignorantly campaigning against our people.”

The group further said, “Dear Ndigbo! know that your fertility potential is a threat to some people around the world. It’s your responsibility to guide your natural potential jealously to avoid childlessness in the future.

“We advise the Federal Government of Nigeria to take the vaccine to the North, where cervical cancer is prevalent. Ndigbo will not trust the Federal Government of Nigeria with our health.

“Ndigbo have qualified medical practitioners all over the world who can manufacture or recommend a scientifically proven vaccine for Ndigbo if cervical cancer becomes a threat to Igbo women. Until then, IPOB says Ndigbo don’t need the cervical cancer vaccine in our land.”

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