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Insecurity, Banditry Reaction Of Bad Leadership – Rev. Achudume

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Michael-Azeez Ogunsiji
ABEOKUTA – The Lead Pastor, Victory Life Bible Church, International, Rev. Lawrence Achudume has attributed bad governance and poor leadership system as reasons insecurity remain unabated in Nigeria.

The clergyman noted that the insecurity and other challenges bedeviling the nation are surmountable only if Nigerians can hold their elected leaders accountable.

Achudume stated this on Sunday at the opening ceremony of VLBC’s 30th anniversary with the theme: “In The Day of His Power.”

He said Nigeria is a great nation blessed with many resources, but bedeviled with wrong people controlling the affairs of the nation.

Rev. Achudume emphasized that majority of Nigerians are offended with the style of governance the few elites are running the country which is responsible for the insecurity threatening the peace of the country.

“The challenge of Nigeria is not insurmountable. The challenge of Nigeria is the wrong people in leadership. Nigeria is blessed and a great nation, unfortunately, we elect the wrong g people bothered are vocal, because they have godfathers and money to throw around, and they are not in leadership to help, but to enrich themselves more. That is the challenge of Nigeria. Selfishness, greed, are another challenges facing Nigeria. We have the right people that can change this country, but they don’t want to pass through the bad hurdles created by this bad person who feels that without them nothing will happen in Nigeria.

“The insecurity is a reaction from bad people in government. Some people become offended by the way and manner our leaders are running this country. Imagine, a Ph.D. holder being paid less compared to a school cert. House of Assembly members collecting bogus money.

“The problem we have is that we over-exalt people in leadership. We are supposed to be friends and colleagues of those they are leading, they are not warlords, we over-exalt them, we made them bigger than who they are. The day Nigerians begin to hold their leaders accountable the system will change.

“I think we should hold our leaders accountable. We are not at their mercy, they should be at our mercy. The earlier Nigerians understand that, the better. Government are not God. And they should not be our lords. They are there to maintain our commonwealth, to make sure it goes round every city of this nation, not to make us beggars in our country.

“Stop looking for leaders who want to give you indomie, palm oil, and Ankara 5 yards. Nigerians should are beyond their stomach and their household, but the nation at large. We don’t need a Yoruba man to be president, we don’t need an Ibo man to be President, but a true Nigerian to be a president.”

Speaking on the 30th anniversary of the church and the theme of the convention, Achudume said the aim was to change people’s belief that they have the capacity to explore and become change agents.

He said it is foolhardy for someone to think government will provide for their immediate needs, saying with conducive atmosphere, Nigerians will make millions from their creative ventures.

“From this convention, I believe if I can change one person, that one individual can change another, and domestically change the world. If everybody attending this convention understand that they have capacity to rule their world, they won’t depend on government.

“Make the atmosphere conducive, provide electricity, housing, good roads, water, that’s what we need. Nigerians are creative, they can make their world and make money.”

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