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How jealous lesbian killed partner’s husband in Anambra

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By Pamela Eboh Awka

Contrary to reports in the media that lesbian partners were caught in bed by the husband of one, which subsequently led to his death, fresh facts have emerged to reveal that the man, Okechukwu Onuma did not catch his wife in the act.

Information gathered has it that the deceased a young staff of the College of Health, Onitsha, who was in his mid 30’s, and was barely 3years into marriage went to his wife’s lesbian partner’s home to confront her on why she collected the money given to the house help to buy fuel when he was stabbed to death.

A source, Mr Sam Eze who lived in the same area, Inland town Onitsha, where the couple lived said, “Ayaya (Ikechukwu’s nickname) knew his wife was a lesbian.

“Yes, but on the day he died, he didn’t catch them in the act. A different altercation arose and he had to go to the lady’s house to sort it out. An argument followed up and she threatened to kill him if he doesn’t leave.

“He stood his ground and the lady went in to get a knife. On coming out, he dared her to do her worst and after a scuffle, she stabbed him twice in the chest.”

“Mind you, the whole town knows that both ladies are lesbians and lovers. The late man had even sent her (his wife) packing before over the same issue.”

Further investigation showed that after Ikechukwu warned the lesbian partner to stay away from his wife, and the wife adhered to his instructions to dump the lesbian partner, she (lesbian partner) started tormenting the family.

According to a neighbor of the deceased, Uzomah Udora Sandra, the lady was fond of dispossessing the maid to the deceased of any money she was sent with, to go to neighbourhood shops and get something.

“They sent the ward to buy fuel (on the fateful day), and the killer collected the money as usual. The ward came back and told the wife and wife called the husband that was busy in a party to come home.

“When the guy came home she told him what happened, so the guy now went to the killer’s house to find out why she will collect the money from their ward not knowing that one is already waiting for him and fight started and she stabbed him.”

While saying that the deceased was well known funny guy, whose death shook a lotof people., she added, “The matter was that the wife and the killer are Lesbian partners indeed, but they were not caught in the act in the bedroom like rumop0ured.

“The dead guy has been warning the killer to stay away from the wife because both of them are partners, and he warned the wife too. Because of the said beef, whenever the dead guy sends their ward to go and buy something the lesbian killer will block the ward on the road and collect the money they gave the ward.”.

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