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Fake drugs allegation: NAFDAC, others must rise up to the challenge – Pharmacist Eruchalu

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The allegation that drug dealers circulate fake drugs in Anambra has been faulted as complaints continue to trail quack drug dispensers in Anambra, saying NAFDAC, and others must rise up to the challenge.


Erasmus Eruchalu, a pharmacist said the allegation that fake drugs and quack medical practitioners spread and circulate fake drugs must not be taken seriously as there are relevant agencies and bodies that regulate the circulation of drugs and inspects drugs in the country before the drugs are sold to patients and hospitals.


Eruchalu stated this in an interview with DAILY CHAMPION , yesterday .


He said NAFDAC and other regulatory agencies should rise up to the challenge and rid the country of any kind of drug that has outlived their usefulness and stop their spread across the country.


The pharmacist fumed that the story of fake drugs and quack doctors has continued to be heard in the country when there are bodies like the NMA, NAFDAC and SON stressing that these bodies and agencies must do some positive top the alleged circulation of fake drugs by any group or bodies and fish out quack medical practitioners to stop tarnishing the image of the country.


” There is NAFDAC , SON and other regulatory bodies. these should rise up to the challenge and rid the country of alleged existence of fake drugs”, Eruchalu said.

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