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Despite challenges, God will meet Nigerians’ needs –Pastor Muoka …….27-year-old born blind regains sight at Crusade

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The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry has just concluded a two-day annual crusade on ‘Hope for the Needy’ at its Revival Ground along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Lagos. At the end of the crusade, Pastor Lazarus Muoka had a chat with newsmen on the event, the forthcoming one, ‘Lagos Experience crusade’, among other issues. CHINYERE IKEANYI was there.

What is the uniqueness of this year’s ‘Hope for the Needy’ crusade?

To the glory of God, the church records advancement yearly in the programme. I must say the turnout of worshippers this time is far greater than the previous experiences. The special miracles, signs and wonders that God is doing has advanced to a greater level. What we didn’t experience last year we experience it this year. Just yesterday (November 20), we had a 27-year-old person born blind received sight. That’s a wonderful thing that God Has done to add colour to this programme, which makes it different from others and besides that, you can see the turnout, just like I said earlier, so great. God is doing things to His own glory.

What level has the church got to in achieving its 10 billion souls mandate?

By the special grace of God, I want to let you know that the ministry has entered all the continents of the world and is spreading. By His grace today, through the media, through the internet and other means of communication, we have been able to capture a multitude of souls all over the world. As we are here today, thank God for technology, we are hearing people calling from all over the world, from China, America, Saudi Arabia; everywhere. So, I believe that the world has been affected, they have heard us, and we are still travelling. We believe that the 10 billion souls mandate must be realized.

There are speculations that the unrest in Imo State informed the change of the usual location of the annual ‘Mgbidi Crusade’ to Lagos?

Well, as you know, the Bible says those that are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God. We are led to have this programme next year and God must have a reason. So, we are going to have it 6, 7, 8 and 9 January 2022. The point is that we can’t be having it here and be having it at Mgbidi at the same time, except there are people who are going to view it from other places, like Mgbidi, some people have decided to gather there to view the programme. But the point is that we are having it as Lagos Experience. Whatever we do, we do to the glory of God. We don’t do anything to please man. We do whatever we do according to the will of God, and the will of God is not the will of man. So, whatever God Has decided to do, we are going to work according to His pace. So, that’s where I’m standing.

What should participants expect at the ‘Lagos Experience crusade’?

By the grace of God, the crusade is for all, as we are expecting everyone to be there. We are going to extend our invitation to all, but there are some personalities that we have extended our invitation to already. We are expecting that God will carry out marvelous deeds in our midst.

Are there ways in which the church reaches the less privileged in society?

There are arms of the ministry in the Lord Chosen such as the welfare department that take care of people in need. They are able to meet with the needs of people that have some challenges.

There have been cries of persecution against Christians in Nigeria, particularly in the north. What is your take on this and the sudden removal of Nigeria from the list of countries of religious freedom violators?

I am going to talk about the end time. The Bible says perilous times are coming and at end time, persecutions have been prophesied to take place all over the world. This is the fulfillment of the scriptures. All I want to say is that by the special grace of God, I believe in the word of God. So, if there is persecution all over the world, it is according to the word of God. So, that is my understanding of persecution in line with God’s words. So, I don’t know if there are people that recognise it or not. Anybody that reads the Bible knows that there is persecution all over the world, according to the prophecy of the end time. So, if somebody doesn’t know about it, it’s only for us to continue to teach them what the Bible says.

There are increased groaning on the economic situation of the country with the hike in prices of commodities and cost of living. Does this bother you and is there hope for Nigeria?

Jesus Christ is our hope. In fact, God packaged all the blessings we lost in the Garden of Eden and put it on Christ to give back to humanity. I want to let you know through Him today, those who are present here (last Sunday), who have been present here; all the needs of the people shall be met. No matter what they (Nigerians) are going through, God will bless them spiritually, physically, financially and otherwise. In fact, He (God) is going to meet their needs. After this programme, they will go out to the public and they shall be different from others because their needs must have been met by heaven.

At this point in the history of our nation, what is your advice to our leaders?

My advice to our leaders in Nigeria is that everyone should have the fear of God. They should also rule in the fear of God. They should understand that except the Lord builds a house; the builder builds up in vain. Let them have fear of God, submit to God, and God will take care of the nation and He will meet us at our very needs.

Is there any prophetic insight concerning the 2023 general elections?

All I want to say is that God will have His way. As we know, what God Has determined shall be done. The prophecies of end-time will continue to be fulfilled. So, all I want to let you know is that God Almighty Has plans for humanity; Jesus is coming to rapture the Church. So, that is the prophecy I want to give them;  that Jesus is coming to rapture the Church.

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