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Bishop Feyi Daniels prophecy to nations demands urgent prayer, declares 2022 as the year of prayer

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Bishop Feyi Daniels, the Presiding Pastor in charge of iReign Christian Family. A Prophet of God and a voice to Nations who gives specific and accurate prophecies and proffers immediate solution. Declares 2022 as their Year of Prayer. in this interview talks about the challenges of Christians in the Northern part of the country and the need to pray against persecution and killings. He also cautioned a couple of African countries to be on the lookout for mass protest. Emmanuel Clement captures these in this exclusive interview.

*How was the move of God in your ministry in 2021, and how do you intend to rekindle it in 2022?

In 2021 we received God’s word for us as our year of establishment. Knowing that prophecies are worked out after being delivered, we began 60MPPD last year to help believers stay conscious of the word given on establishment. We are grateful to God for the several mind-shifting testimonies of jobs, business expansion, financial restoration, and other spiritual manifestations that characterized the year. It was evident that our anchor scripture, Isaiah 54:14, was the driving force of them all. Thus, as 2022 begins, we are intentional about God’s word to us as our year of prayer, and we intend to rekindle the move of God by acting out this word. As a church, we will lay hold on each prophecy by staying in the place of prayer and intimacy. By this, we birth all God has packaged within the year for each individual and the church at large.

*What is your wish and message for your Members and Followers in the New Year?

I like to refer to every member and follower of the ministry as Ambassadors of the Dominion mandate. My reason for this revolves around my desire to see them exemplify dominion wherever they are situated in life, as taught and demonstrated in scripture. This desire fuels my commitment to seeing the substantial growth of every member in spirituals and corresponding prosperity in secular endeavors. To achieve this, it is essential to know that growth only happens in an intentional atmosphere; thus, one must engage change accordingly. Therefore, every year, it is my custom to remind members that their lives will only move as fast as the speed of their actions.

*Any prophecy from God concerning the New Year?

The Major prophecies for the year revolve around Christians intentional involvement in politics. Its fulfilment would involve strategic prayers and actions in alignment with these prophecies. One of which is the emergence of the next governor of Ekiti State, Abiodun Oyebanji. Also, the naming of Christian Billionaires in 2022. In addition, for some African countries like Ghana and Malawi, a similitude of the ENDSARS protest will ensue, resulting in what looks like a lockdown. Nigeria may also experience another form of lockdown. However, we have prayed as a church, and we believe it is overturned. More prophecies for Ghana include an eruption of all kinds of prayer platforms as a sort of revival in response to the vandalism, protest, and killings that will take place. Regarding negative occurrences, the church needs to pray against mass killings and deaths in the Northern region, specifically Benue, Sokoto, and Kano. Also, gas explosions will increase, and the exposure of a den of cannibals (flesh-eaters) and ritualists. We pray about this daily, and we trust God for a speedy manifestation.

*How has your ministry impacted the nation and domiciled communities?

Last year, we held many programs as a church, including the Believers Convention and Mandate Conference, where we celebrated and demonstrated the dominion mandate. We are grateful for testimonies like the supernatural recovery of stolen and lost properties at 60MPPD – our online prayer platform. These are some of the testaments to the workings of God in our midst.One major highlight was our mission trip to Kogi state, Nigeria, where regular believers performed diverse kinds of miracles. We recorded over 700 souls converted and gave back to our host community by sharing over 200 Bibles – translated to their mother tongue – and other clothing items to it’s members.

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