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Bishop Dr. Chidi Anthony plans Nat’l Program for PMF members, Pastor to enlighten them on way forward to 2023 election

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As the country is gearing towards a new election, a lot of politicians are positioning themselves for various electoral position. This have seen a lot of them heading back to the grassroots that many of them have forgotten years ago. The senior pastor of Kings in Christ Power Ministries, also the President of Pentecostal Ministers Forum, Bishop Chidi Anthony, has cautioned Christians to be careful on whom they vote this period.

He added that there is need for Nigerians to have a cursory look at the present crop of politicians that are positioning themselves for the elective position. In his words he said ” we have to be careful on what we do this period. This is the time to get it right, we strongly believe that Nigeria must be great”.

Therefore, having this in view, Bishop Chidi Anthony is set to organize a program in care of Pentecostal Ministers Forum as team to pray in unity for the nation. And as we thread in a perilous world, the need to pray without ceasing should be our watchword and the need for Christians to pray for each other is imperative.



Lion Of Africa as he is fondly called, will commence a program for the people of Pentecostal Ministers Forum at 258, Ikotun ijegun road, Lagos, on Saturday 14th May 2022, theme ” Waxing Greater and Greater”. Apostle Ernest Okeke is my guest, among others.


If there is a time Christian bodies, organization and association should come together, I think it is now. And if there is any time Nigerians should wake up, it is now, so that we will elect a good candidate with the fear of God who will lead Nigeria to the land we wish for. A president who can lead us well with constant electricity, good roads, security, etc, otherwise we will suffer for another 8 years. That is why we need to use the platform we have in our various churches to preach to our members to tell them the importance of going out to vote. To vote for a candidate who can lead us. That is the reason why am organizing the program. It is mainly for all the state executive of Pentecostal Ministers Forum, state executive in all the 36 state of Nigeria coming together to talk about the 2023 election and also put the country into prayers from bandits attacks and otherwise. Therefore we have to do all we can to make use of our PVC to vote for the qualified and righteous candidate. The Bible says when the unrighteous assume the seat the people suffered, but the righteous assume the office the people will rejoice. That’s why we need to do all we can to use our PVC to flush them out and get a better person. Therefore all Christian bodies should wake up which is the reason for this meeting and to pray for the nation.


Other ministers of God are free to attend. Though It’s an open invitation but also strictly by invitation. After the executive has met in the morning, then there will be a room for other invitees, pastors, overseers of a ministry. It is not only meant for members of Pentecostal Ministers Forum, it’s open for pastors who are called by God and not people who called themselves. We are talking about the eagles and not the vultures. Alot of pastors are messing up because they are not called, they are into church business. That’s why in Pentecostal Ministers Forum, we don’t allow any how person to be a member. Before you become a member of PMF, a strong executive member has to stand for you. So many things are happening today in the body of Christ and that’s why we are been very careful. In the days of prophet of old when the government are doing bad, they are the ones who goes to warn them of their judgement of sin but now pastors are the ones championing most of the problem. That’s is why PFM is quite different from others. Our Target are pastors who are called into the ministry but after our executive meeting of all the state coordinators and national executives.


After the meeting, I will have to come out to the media for a press conference. Christians need to wake up. We want to trigger the Christians to know the importance to vote
And with the plans we have, we can be able to pick the best candidate. If you we are not careful we will pick the wrong person for the seat. We the PMF members have prayed and we need to sell our ideas to our members so that they can preach it in their individual churches in other to make mistakes or be a slaves for another 8 years. We are in a fast-paced world and the need to keep up with the fast development of today’s world is imperative. Therefore, we need an energetic, digital savvy and focused leadership. Gone are the days that they give you rice and bean that will make you mortgage your future and vote inept and senile politicians.



Bishop Dr Chidi Anthony reiterated that We shouldn’t be looking at tribe, religion or political affiliation. Nigerians must participate and ensure their votes count. Thank God for the electoral reforms, I strongly believe that Nigeria is trying to get it right, and the youths must be part of this electoral processes. This will be a thing that will be securing us. For more information call, 08087575773.



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