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 BetaLife launches blood donor App

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A media start-up, under the auspices of BetaLife Health Care services, has launched a mobile application platform for blood donors in Nigeria.

The launch was done in Lagos during the commemoration of World Blood Day.

Two young Nigerians, Mubarak Ayeni and Mattew Agah, created the mobile application to draw attention to ways of achieving the World Health Organisation (WHO) mandate on blood donations.

According to the WHO, a substantial percentage of the world population must engage in voluntary blood donation in every country to save lives.

Three days were set aside for National blood donation across Nigeria.

In Lagos, Ikeja Shopping Mall was chosen as a strategic point to drive the initiative of voluntary blood donation.

How the App works:

The BetaLife application is connected to hospitals and blood banks. Patience and hospitals are expected to log on to the website

The following other social media platforms for contact are – Twitter handles @ betalifehealth; with ash tag #SaveAlife. Instagram address and Facebook are:  @betterlifehealthservices

 Requests are sent for blood donation on this platform.

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