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At 62 Nigeria is still “bedwetting”.

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As Nigeria, clocks 62 years of age, some Nigerians have been reacting and baring their minds on the condition of the country.


In his opinion, Imo state chapter Chief Servant of Hoteliers Association, Mr. Chima Chukwunyere noted that “Nigeria, at 62, is still bedwetting”.


According to him, Nigeria’s condition, became more precarious since the advent of insecurity and insurgency in the country which of course were brought about by bad leaders and their bad governance.


Mr. Chukwunyere, who is also the Managing Director and CEO of Domino Paramount Hotels Owerri said that Nigeria as a growing economy lacks concrete infrastructures to propel the economy.


According to him, “in fact, Nigeria has not fared well since independence, because the country has been bedeviled by bad and very corrupt leaders”.


He believed that, by this time, a country that is 62 years old should be boosting of sound economy and good governance.


Chima Chukwunyere, said, in “my opinion, Nigeria at 62 has nothing to boost of apart from factors that retrogresses a nation, Nigerians are just managing to exist”.


He said, “Nigeria can be likened to be addressed as a red sea that consumed her inhabitants” adding “if the leaders of this country cannot manage, the country, they should hand her over to those who can manage her”.


Chukwunyere, said he was five years older than Nigeria, by today and as a growing child when things were alright, school children then looked forward to independence day, when they will wear their new school uniform with the national flag of green, white, green getting ready for the match pass on the independence day, which use to be exciting to them.


According to him, “then it was a joyous moment and parents allowed their children and wards freely to go out on independence day to enjoy themselves and have fun but today insecurity, kidnapping and insurgency that has been the order of the day have cut short such fun”.


He insisted that the vices being experienced today by Nigerians are as a result of bad leadership and governance, pointing out that any nation which it’s leaders based their governance on religions, and ethnic sentiments will never develop and will continue to bed-wet like Nigeria.


The chief servant, identified that any nation, where a group of people or a section of the country forced themselves against others, such nation can never stand.


He noted that the country Nigeria as of today is in a very bad condition, recalling that in the past, shortly after independence, the Nigeria currency, the naira, had so much value and the country respected outside the country.


According to him, “then, during the time of Electric company of Nigeria (ECN), there was always constant electric power supply” adding “Today due to corruption in governance, by bad and corrupt leaders, Nigerians no longer ending constant power supply.


He further noted that almost all the roads both federal and state roads, are in a dilapidated state, which makes it very easy now for kidnappers and armed robbers to have field days.


Mr. Chukwunyere called on Nigerians, to avail themselves of the opportunity of the 2023 general election to vote in leaders that would stop the bedwetting of Nigeria.


Also speaking, Sunday at the Assumpta Catholic Cathedral in Owerri to mark the 62nd, independence anniversary of Nigeria, Imo state Governor Hope Uzodimma, believed that there is still hope for Nigeria to succeed as a nation, despite all the challenges facing her at 62.


The Governor noted that the country is actually endowed by God with huge human and national resources, pointing out that “with right leadership and attitude the country can still attain greatness.


He urged Nigerians to learn to differentiate between, collective interest and individual or personal interest, noting that “what defines a nations is collective interest”.


And challenged Nigerians to stand up to tackle the challenges retarding progress of the nation.


Govrernor Uzodimma explained that all nations have their peculiar challenges, saying “but we must take time to study how countries overcome such challenges and deplore proactive approaches in confronting the challenges.


He regretted that the attitude of Nigerians has always been to complain and lament about problems, identifying where things are not going well but not doing much in planning how things can go well.


The governor, acknowledged that at 62, Nigeria has come of age and continue to struggle for survival.


He assuaged the fears of the people that Nigeria is not making progress, saying, “inspite of the challenges, insecurity, poverty and unemployment, the country still remains very hopeful and God been very merciful to all.


In his own speech at the church service, the Catholic Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical province, Most Rev. Dr. Lucius Iweturu Ugorji agreed with the governor that Nigeria at 62, still has hope.

The Cleric have this opinion   Sunday at the Maria Assumpta  Cathedral Owerri during a Church Service to mark the 62nd Independence Anniversary of Nigeria.

He noted that Nigeria is endowed by God  with huge human and material resources pointing out that ” with the right leadership and attitude the Country can still attain greatness.”

In his remarks at  the Service, the state Governor,   Hope Uzodimma challenged Nigerians to stand up to tackle the challenges retarding the progress of the Nation.

He advised Nigerians to learn to differentiate between the meaning of collective interest as against individual or personal interest, noting that “what defines a Nation is collective interest.”

Governor Uzodimma explained that all Nations have their peculiar challenges “but we must take time to study how countries overcame such challenges and deplore proactive approaches in confronting the challenges of our time.”

“Every generation has a responsibility to confront every challenge that befell them, be it leadership or followership but the common denominator to solve a problem is by identifying the root cause of the problem.”


The Governor regretted that the attitude of Nigerians has always been to “complain and lament about problems,  identifying where things are not going well, but not doing much in planning how things can go well.”

The Governor acknowledged that at 62 Nigeria has come of age and continued to struggle for survival – failures and successes – but said “despite all the challenges that confronted the country, Nigeria and Nigerians still have life and faith in God to continue to drive the Nation.”

He assuaged the fears of the congregation that Nigeria is not making progress saying “in spite of the challenges of leadership, insecurity, poverty and unemployment the country still remains very hopeful and God has been very merciful to all of us.”

While acknowledging that the current and past leaders of Nigeria must have made their mistakes with regard to the mega problems, he however said that the strength and energy are still available to them, particularly as the blessings which God has endowed Nigeria with –  natural and human resources – provide  hope for tomorrow.

“How many of us are interested in how Nigeria can be better, and if yes what have we done in that direction?”

Drawing inference from Imo State with her peculiar problems, the Governor said:  “Leadership came, leadership left but problems are here and there. We should brace-up and confront the challenges of our time.”

He called on the congregation to join hands to solve the problems in Imo State “to allow for peace and people to go about their businesses.”

Governor Uzodimma said there is need to differentiate between the leadership and the political class that have come to work for the people from those that  refused to work so that we join hands and forces to support the ones that have come to work, noting, “as a Governor I have come to work.”

He reiterated that “the Independence  Anniversary Church Service was to thank God for the peace, unity and development of our country, Nigeria,” and reminded all that “Imo State is held back because of our past mistakes but  we cannot die with our past mistakes.”

He urged the citizens of Imo State to “begin to do things differently, listen to the Government of the day, find out if her story is good, if yes embrace it for the interest of the State and the country at large because we have no other place to go.”

“When I came as a Governor I saw poverty, broken down infrastructure and in fact,  things fell apart and the centre could not hold. The good news is that to solve the problem the 3-R government has developed an ECONOMIC GROWTH PLAN as the password to remove poverty, unemployment and to restore security.”

The Governor continued: “It is not enough to condemn the security agencies that have come to restore peace and order by toeing the line of miscreants,” and advised the people to “help government to identify and inform the security agencies and governments of criminals in our Communities.”

However in his homily, the Archbishop  thanked God for the numerous blessings He endowed Nigeria with as a nation “as well as so many talents and human endowments given to her leaders,” indicating that there is still hope for the country.

Ugorji recalled the expectations of Nigerians 62 years ago and said they desired a nation devoid of rancour, ritual killings, insecurity, poverty, and all forms of immoralities.  Also, he said that Nigerians deserve a nation where everybody will be respected, given equal opportunity, justice and fair play and experience a life of freedom.

He added that the citizens are desirous of benefiting from God-given natural resources, in a state of peace and obedient to rule of law.

The Archbishop acknowledged that the Independence Anniversary Mass was not just to mark the 62nd Independence of Nigeria, but an event intended to remember our forefathers, brothers and sisters who paid the supreme price to make us a nation. “We look forward to celebrating a peaceful country, where peace and unity will dominate the entire nation and the citizens will be happy for it.”

He reiterated that “Nigeria is a potential great country with numerous natural resources but leadership and management of these resources is making the citizens to suffer.”

He called for “change of heart from all sectors and leaders to embrace God and shun needless killings, move away from corruption, fraud, kidnapping, selfishness, embrace security of lives and property and go back to God in prayers.”

Archbishop Ugorji rounded off by saying that “if the citizens are safe, the entire country will be safe but if they are not the country will be bleeding and there will be no development.”




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