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APGA crisis deepens over alleged plot to poison factional chairman in prison

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By Phil Okose, Onitsha


The All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, intra party crisis has reportedly deepened as it took a new dimension following allegation that there was plot to poison the embattled factional chairman,  Chief Edozie Njoku, while in Suleja correctional centre.


Denying the allegation Thursday, in Onitsha, Anambra State, the APGA National Publicity Secretariy, Tex Okechukwu, said that it was a false representation of facts by Edozie Njoku and his media team who he stated were currently facing trial for forgery and impersonation.


“We wish to state as follows:

Nobody bribed anybody to poison Edozie Njoku, while in detention in  the Suleija Correctional Centre. The false alarm was raised by discredited Edozie Njoku media charlatans, to attract undue sympathy from the public and divert attention from the serious offence he has committed, which will ultimately attract a long jail term for him.


“Edozie Njoku is an inconsequential person whose stock in trade is blackmail, subterfuge and intimidation. Since the veil was lifted on his forgery of the Supreme Court judgment, he continued to make all kinds of tendentious statements. If he is not attacking the Supreme Court Chief Registrar, he is attacking the police or INEC.

There is no institution that Edozie Njoku has not accused of impropriety.


“The other day he had the temerity to accuse the Inspector General of Police of underhand dealings in connection with his investigation.

In addition, he has continued to disparage the person of the Executive Governor of Anambra State, and the National chairman of APGA, Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye, for no justifiable reason.


“One thing we have found out after a thorough investigation is that Edozie Njoku is not well. He must be suffering from unsoundness of the mind. There is nobody in his or her right frame of mind that would behave the way he does. How could one describe his audacity to embark on a suicidal mission of forging the judgment of the Supreme Court in order to subvert the cause of justice?


“It is certain that something is wrong with him one way or another.

Edozie Njoku and his sponsors know quite well that their game was up long ago and yet are still building castle in the air. As we have always stated, it is only in Nigeria that a criminal felon would be allowed to walk the streets a free man, making uncouth statements and abusing whoever that pleases him,” he stated.


The party Publicity Secretary expressed surprise that Njoku has not been put in the cooler, pending his full trial based on Supreme Court statement since September 1, 2022, disowning the enrolled orders Edozie Njoku, is parading and affirmed the leadership of Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Oye.


“Has anything vitiated the judgment of the Supreme Court of October 14, 2021, in which it affirmed the chairmanship of Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Oye? Even police investigation has established a prima facie case against Edozie Njoku and his co-conspirators. Quite frankly the Force Criminal Investigation Department, (FCID), has done a good job in the investigation of Edozie Njoku by unravelling all the facts connected to the case,” he further hinted.


According to Okechukwu, contrary to the smear campaign by Edozie Njoku, nobody in APGA is on a mission to smear anybody’s integrity, let alone any justice of the Supreme Court (serving or retired).


“Our concern is to see that Edozie Njoku and his fellow-travellers pay for their offence. Pure and simple.

Edozie Njoku is a drowning man and is looking for whom to go down with him. His countenance at the Bwari court on November 28, 2022, when he was arraigned, underscored his feebleness and cowardice. It was written all over him that he had no scruples, yet he chooses to often engage in open confrontation with the laws of the land.


“He almost passed out when the judge ordered that he should be remanded in prison custody until Novemeber 30, 2022. We wish to urge the public to disregard all the wild allegations made by Edozie Njoku and his media boys. All of that is aimed at shifting attention from the grievous offence he has committed against our fatherland.

We have nothing personal against Justice Mary Ukaego Odili (Retired Justice of the Supreme Court).

We have always insisted that a jurist of her stature would not condescend so low as to pander to the whims and caprices of Edozie Njoku, a man whose notoriety has no match.


“Our faith in the judiciary, the police and INEC is unshakeable. These three institutions have long disowned Edozie Njoku and his fake judgment. It is a well known fact that the Supreme Court through its Chief Registrar, has written to the Inspector General of Polce, stating unequivocally that Edozie Njoku, was never a party to the Supreme Court Jugment of October 14, 2021.


“It also stated unarguably that the name of the second respondent in the suit was Chief Victor Oye. INEC in its own response to police investigation stated clearly that the National Convention it monitored was the one held in Awka, where Victor Oye and 30 other members of the National Working Committee (NWC), were elected.


“INEC also categorically stated that it did not monitor any convention in Owerri, as claimed by Edozie Njoku. We challenge Edozie Njoku to produce the report of the INEC team that monitored his so-called convention which he claimed held on May 31, 2019, in Owerri.

We have it in good authority that some powerful persons are sponsoring Edozie Njoku on this infamous journey. We wish to advise such persons to desist from their degrading and inglorious act or face the wrath of God and the law,” he warned.


Okechukwu described as false and  unfounded, all the allegations Njoku media boys have levelled against the leadership of APGA, the police, INEC, Governor Chukwuma Soludo and the Supreme Court, saying they were diversionary and malicious, pointing out that the embattled chairman knew he would end up in jail and was doing everything possible to escape justice.


“We can assure him that no matter how long he runs, the long arm of the law will catch up with him someday and the truth will be revealed,” Okechukwu affirmed.


Pic shows the APGA Publicity secretary


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