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A Christian organisation and Church, we have been Building Lives Spiritually , financially all these Years – Apostle Courage Igene

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In this interview, Apostle Courage Igene, the General Overseer of All Nations Churches, USA & Africa; Known for his practical biblical teaching and strict adherence to the biblical injunctions, talks about his ministry, the New Year and what God has in store for everyone. He also looked at the penchant for many pastors who buy private jets. Emmanuel Clement captures these all in an exclusive.

*How has it been in the ministry all these years, the movement of the Spirit of God and how do we expect 2022 to be for you and the Ministry?

The Move of God in 2021 was great and we expect Great Light and Divine Settlement in 2022. We strongly believe in the full manifestation of God and we are appreciative of His mercies these years. We are looking unto God this 2022 and we are hopeful and faithful that God’s manifestation will never depart from us and the ministry.

*What is your message for your Members and Followers in the New Year?

The Word of the Lord came to me expressly saying 2022 is our Year of Great Light and Divine Settlement. We are standing on that Word and we see fruits abounding already for His Glory. This year will be a year of positive impact and turning point for many of our members. Once they are steadfast and faithful in the Lord, they will witness a year of great illumination.

*Any prophecy from God concerning the New Year?

Yes, the Word of God which is a surer word of Prophecy has been released. We have made that known, it also depends on the prophecy, are we looking at personal prophesies or the one that concerns a nation.

*Things have reached a boiling point in the nation. How is the temperature affecting the Church?

Depends on what you are referring to. But what I can tell you is whenever there is gross darkness in the world, the light of God will shine even greater in the church. We are under the canopy of God, so whether it is in boiling point or freezing point, that is immaterial, our help comes from Lord who made heaven and earth.

*What is your take on the craze for private jets by Church owners?

I didn’t know there was a craze for private jets by church owners. If some have jets, maybe their schedule demands it. So, i am not here to either judge or crucify any pastor. I leave that to God and that is his work not mine, mine is to seek the face of God and not dabble into criticism of private jets or not.



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