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2023: You don’t throw away an experience that is so critical and so forceful- Sanwo-Olu

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  Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu has expressed his willingness to serve Lagosians for another term if given the opportunity by Lagosians, noting with his peculiar experience, he believes Lagos residents would give him backing.

    The Governor however cautioned it would be too early to begin debate around 2023 election now, saying he would rather delayed it till he would have served his first term in office for 75 per cent.

    Governor Sanwo-Olu who gave the hint in an interview he granted newsmen said Lagosians would determine his fate if he deserves a second  term or not.

    The Governor took the mantle of leadership of the State in May 29, 2019 and had witnessed two major shocking scenarios that could have damaged economically but for his prompt leadership qualities.

    Last week, Leadership newspaper gave him the Governor of the year award for 2020 over his administrative acumen to manage the coronavirus pandemic and Endsars protest in the State.

    Asked if he deserves a second term, Sanwo-Olu said, “To be honest, I think so and I say this at the risk of rating myself, because I am a humble person. And why do I say this? You do not see leadership being put to test back to back as what we have seen in Lagos in the last two and a half years. It happened so often and so quick, that one could be stretched to its limit. And it is like a question you need to ask yourself: if you have a crisis, who do you call?”

    While buttressing his point, Sanwo-Olu reiterated, “the only thing I check in the morning is if my emergency general manager has called me; If my Commissioner of Police has called and if my Transportation Commissioner has called me. That is because this is what I live and dream – to see how I keep the state and the city alive and well – working for the citizens. And this is an experience that is only when you are in the eyes of it that you can get it. People can talk, people can assume, but indeed you need to be on the seat for you to appreciate and see.

    “As I said earlier, you don’t throw away an experience that is so critical and so forceful – you certainly cannot throw it away. I never imagined it is going to be this tough, but with God and all the people I have been surrounded with in terms of support, and Lagosians giving me the full backing, I think we have done a fairly good job.”


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