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2023: Peter Obi and his journey to the presidency

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Peter Obi is the former Governor of Anambra State now the Presidential aspirant of Nigeria Labour Party.

During his service as a Governor, his governance in Anambra State was full of experience worth- sharing and  indeed Worth capturing in a book. “He came, saw and conquered’ .

His ways compel us to appreciate his personal qualities, his  quiet strength, his passion to make a difference, his dignified and dignifying carriage and conduct and his never – say die spirit. He really achieved a lot as a Governor to his toughest State – Anambra.

His humility, hard work and results carved him unique. His result is Superb under Education Sector. He returned schools to their original church owners., Collaborated with organizations that offered value to the State, acknowledge where the State did not have capacity. Instead of beating ones head against the wall and repeatedly making the same mistake, he decided to make a bold turn. Today, the Sterling results are evidence.

Many of the policies he tried during his tenure are the things that should be done at the Federal level , both with our finances and policies but we are hampered by the kind of structure we have.                                        He attracted serious investors into the State like SABMILER. The are now expanding in the State , building more factories, thinking of other investments. Also they have Distill, Glaxo Smithkline Beecham, Neimeth Pharmaceutical among others.

Also he did not neglect the indigenous people who have invested for a long time. Example Innoso Motor Manufacturing Company. It’s now at the Federal level courtesy of Peter Obi.                                             He is very intelligent, extremely hardworking , prudent and humidity. He does not spend easily. He is a true Leader and his always call upon at the Federal level when needed.

He deserves another round of applause in his development- oriented approach to governance which he has followed while pursuing the Millennium Developments Goals (MDG).He was recommended by International agencies on the way he pursued the MDGs programmes. Peter conquers people by Love.He can love you to death. If he has an enemy or somebody in conflict with him, instead of approaching them belligerently, he approaches them with respect and love so that even if they do not want him, they are won over.

Though Anambra State has one of the tightest Federal allocations ,he has been able to save a lot of money for the State.

He shown so  much in development which some other States that received more cannot boast of. He  left no debt in Anambra State.

He was one of the most enlightened Governors in the country today. He has a combined strong. Intellects with practical grasp of real situation. He is a good economist , true Leader and example in good governance.

He was one of the first gubernatorial candidate in Nigeria to legally challenge to it’s logical conclusion, his governorship electoral victory that was denied him. He was in the court s and reclaimed his mandate.                               During his tenure, the State entered into strategic partnership with the churches in the health sector. It resulted in a tremendous boast to health care because of the services offered by health institutions owned by Voluntary Agencies while the State restored grants to the agencies and made available to them more than so million dollars in various types of support.

His State was the first to procure and distribute more than 30,000 computer to Secondary schools including 22,500 from Ho. It was a bigger projects in the middle East and Africa according to the Managing Director for Personal System Group HP Inc, Mr Fabrice Compoy .

Anambra State became an Oil Producing State during his tenure .

He built the first Secretariat Complex to house State Government Ministries that were Milherto Scattered around the State.

Anambra State was the first to undergo national peer review , which scrutinized State Governments for good governance, through the Peer Review Mechanism ( SPRM) an initiative of the Nigerian Governor’s Forum in collaboration with the DFID.

His government commenced the development of the “Three Arms Zone ‘ Comprising Government House/ Governor’s  Lodge, Legislative Building/ Speakers Residence and Judiciary Building with Chief Judge’s Residence.

His Government was the first to do poverty mapping in Nigeria, as a guide for the effective implementation of our poverty alleviation strategies.

His Administration conceived and build from scratch, the first State – owned Teaching Hospital Chukwuemeka Odumegwu- Ojukwu Teaching Hospital, Awka.

He enhance security, Anambra State provided at least one Security Vehicle to  each of all the 177 communities in the State as well as various Organization such as market and churches.        The improvement in Security was phenomenal, such that the former IG of Police ( Abubaker Mohammed) landed Anambra State for not witnessing any bank robbery in his last three years in office. They started close collaboration with recognized government security agencies ( The Police , Army, Navy, Department of State Security , Civil Defence among others offering them various types of support including provision of more than 500 security vehicles.

Boreholes and Numerous Classrooms were built in all 177 Communities of the State even 700 Buses were provided to Secondary schools in the State by the Government .

The State provided internet access to more than 500 Secondary Schools which is the CEO of Galaxy Backbone ( Mr Gerald ILukwe) characterized as incomparable to any in the Country, and also Microsoft Academies were provided to more than 500 Secondary Schools which the Head of Microsoft in Nigeria (Mr Ken Span) described as the biggest such development in Africa so far.

Also his Government won the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (Million  Dollars) as the best- performing State in Immunization in the South- East with complementary Funding from our Government, they used the money to build 10 Maternal and Child Care Center across the State, particularly in rural communities in partnership with the churches.


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