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2023 : I can’t succumb to emotional blackmails, rhetorics, grandstanding – Umeh replies APGA chieftain

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By Phil Okose, Onitsha
Senator Dr. Victor Umeh, Monday, reacted to the statement against him, credited to a chieftain of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, High Chief Ben Obi, thus: “Victor Umeh, a hypocritical money monger. He will continue to labour in vain”.
Reacting to the said statement, Umeh stated that, “It is important to set the record straight so that even posterity will be glad that we chronicled events accordingly, adding that it was an orchestrated falsehood criss-crossed with fabrics of ignorance, outright lies, emotional blackmails and fabrications, only fit for the garbage bin. When you don’t defend your right to dignity of human person, you lose your dignity, and dignity is not negotiable.
“However, I have promised not to engage on personal attacks of candidates going for an election, including my political traducers but that does not imply in any way that lies and misinformation should not be addressed accordingly. You don’t saturate the political ecosystem with vile propaganda against me by seeking to demonize me and presenting my political opponents as saints. But those who the gods want to destroy, they first make mad. He can be forgiven for losing track”.
Senator Umeh, who reacted through his Media aide, Chinemelu Achebe, stated that, he was seriously amused by the funny ‘feed-my-belle’, online media organizations, that were supposedly created to attack the person of Sen. Dr. Victor Umeh, “one of such organizations is the so-called ‘”.
” I really cannot fathom what this online media organization is meant for or the justification of their existence. But I understand is an election season! The destructive critics are already on the prowl. The mind-boggling question is; why  obsessive inclination by Chief Ben Obi, and his cohorts, to soil the good name and reputation of Senator Dr. Victor Umeh?
“People with momentum all share one trait; they attract criticism! But then, foolishness is an office. Somebody has to occupy it. Somebody must be foolish for wisdom to continue to have value. We are not oblivious of the fact that Umeh’s disgruntled traducers are jittery about his rising political profile and political prospects ahead of the year 2023 general elections.
“Apparently, Ben Obi’s sponsored mischievous charade cum travesty against Umeh, is a failed ploy that is dead on arrival. Ndi Anambra Central, could not have bought that orchestrated falsehood. Umeh’s traducers will soon find out that times have changed, and that the Igbo masses are not less intelligent than their misleaders. The 2023 elections will no longer be won by uncanny intrigues of the opposition. Issue-based campaigns must lead to issue-based voting where voters compare the ideologies of candidates in order to decide whom to vote. Ideology can never be defeated, it can only be countered by superior reasoning. It is however, intriguing that a man of the Ben Obi’s status is ignorant of this fact or more likely, chose to suppress it”.
According to him, “The victory bus has left the other political parties’ station and on its way to the Labour Party station, most assuredly. Like our people will fondly say, “you don’t use mirror to look at what is already on the wrist”.  Perhaps, that triggered the cacophony and brouhaha from the opposition camp? We salute the spirit of sportsmanship that characterizes Senator Dr. Victor Umeh, who keenly contested the Anambra Central Senatorial ticket, under the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance , (APGA), vigorously but fairly submitting to the personal whims and caprices of the delegates”
He said that Umeh could have challenged the outcome of the dog-eat-dog commercialized APGA primaries, but he pacifically took a bow in exercise of his right to freedom of association and peaceful assembly; a fundamental human right he enjoys as a bonafide Nigerian citizen.
“But I got newsflash for you; There is no joy in victory without running the risk of defeat. Umeh has an allergy to money wrongly spent to procure election victory for avarice. He never wavered from that sense of public responsibility. It doesn’t matter if you love or loathe him, he just carries on like a bulldozer, pulling down dark, retrogressive strongholds and building dreams of what he believes an ideal society should be.
“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Great things never come from comfort zones. Labour Party is where God in his infinite wisdom, chose to plant Umeh. When the chips are down, the progress- loving constituents of Anambra Central Senatorial Zone, who want a paradigm shift from the contemporary ‘selective representation status quo and underperformance, shall bask in the euphoria of putting dooms day prophets to shame! Umeh has God’s promises on that.
“I challenge Umeh’s black mailer in- chief, (Ben Obi), to display the court processes and judgement upholding Umeh, as a treacherous and hypocritical criminal, as alleged, so that we can examine them together. We hold this truth to be self-evident that only a court of competent jurisdiction can separate the grain from the garbage.
“It must be emphasized that Chief Ben Obi, is not permitted by any law to arrogate the powers of the court to himself. Nemo judex in causa sua( You can’t be a judge in your own case). Are we too docile to think logically? Umeh has no criminal record till date. Professionally, he is a registered and successful Estate Surveyor and Valuer who rose against many odds from a humble beginning to prominence and personal fulfilment.Truly, Umeh is causing his perceived political opponents sleepless nights.
“Those who narrowed their choice to Senator Dr. Victor Umeh, know they have seen a good and marketable product; a brand that will re-define the political and leadership narrative in Anambra Central Senatorial Zone. While others may make noise and try forcing attention, Umeh will quietly, strategically and meticulously work underground; doing the needful, meeting people, winning them over with his personal touch, charisma and shared values.
“If Senator Dr. Victor Umeh, becomes re-elected under the platform of the Labour Party, (LP), come 2023 general elections, God willing, APGA can proudly say that, that was former APGA National Chairman, the grand pillar of APGA, the man who laid the foundation and existence of the Party called APGA; a strong, bold, courageous, dynamic, resourceful and avowed defender of true tenets of democracy who took APGA to the centre of Nigeria’ s political stage where Ndigbo stood up to be counted in the nation’s political history.

 “It’s implication, is that APGA owes Senator Dr. Victor Umeh, a Thanksgiving Votes’, come 2023 general elections, regardless of new political affiliation. Chief Ben Obi, must therefore, resist the temptation of bitterness and agent provocateur. Let those who have tongues, count their teeth correctly. In a closed mouth however, flies do not enter.”END.

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