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2019: Atiku govt’ll put food on your table again, Secondus tells Nigerians

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.Atiku lists Buhari government lies


The National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, yesterday told Nigerians that their candidate, Atiku Abubakar would not sleep until there is food on the table of every Nigerian if he wins the 2019 election.

This is even as Atiku listed three areas the All Progressives Congress (APC) government of President Muhammadu Buhari lied and failed Nigerians.They spoke yesterday at the presidential campaign rally held in Kaduna, Kaduna state.

Appealing to President Buhari to go and rest, Secondus said, “now is the time for you to take a stand and firmly too to know that it is time for us to ask President Buhari to go home. Let him go home. Baba has tried. Let him go home. The energy is no longer there. And we know that by the grace of God, we need somebody with a lot of energy.

“We need somebody who will work for 24 hours. We don’t need Buhari to give this government to cabal. Because if you vote for APC, the cabal will still be in control. And there will be hunger in the land. The man is weak. President Buhari is weak. He cannot rule. And we advise him to go home. We don’t want the cabal again. He handed over the government to the cabal. And that is why there is confusion. And that is why there is hunger upon the land.

“We need somebody who has experience in the private sector, public sector with a lot of capacity, with competency. We don’t want somebody who is not competent, we cannot celebrate incompetency, we cannot celebrate ignorance on Nigeria.

“All of you here, by the grace of God, he will provide food on your tables. And so, you need a lot of energy to rule Nigeria. Nigeria is 200 million people. Like in the United States, they don’t sleep. There is no President that sleeps in the United States. Atiku will never sleep until there is food on your table. Atiku has a lot of capacity, he has a lot of energy. Atiku will not fall down.”

He, however, warned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) not to rig the election, especially in the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), adding, “you cannot rig this election. All your wayo and wuru-wuru and jibiti, we know them.

“The most important thing is for you to make a choice. And I believe that all of you here have made up your mind. You don’t want the APC and President Buhari to come back. Because they have been sleeping on duty and that is why we have insecurity problems and hunger on the land.”

Atiku said that the three lies promised by APC were economy, peace and security, adding that all the promises of the ruling party were not fulfilled.

He said: “APC lied to you all about three things, first they said they will improved the economy, is the economy better? Today, Nigeria is the world poverty headquarters. Do they fulfilled their promise? No they did not.

“They also promised peace and security, do they fulfilled their promise? Let us say the truth, today there is no security in North East, North West and North Central. So why should we vote for them? Let us remember when PDP was in charge, there was peace, wealth and development.

“Now let me promise you all that if you vote for PDP, we would bring about peace, wealth, development, jobs and end poverty. That I promise you all.

“They came and promised change, today have you all seen the change they brought? My people in Kaduna let us vote from bottom to top and top to bottom. I want to sing, Buhari must go! Buhari must go!!”

The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, who also spoke at the venue of the rally said, “there is hunger, no job. If you want jobs, if you want food, vote for PDP. Vote Atiku, vote PDP at the top and bottom.

“Today Nigerians have seen that certainly, the truth will certainly come out. Many more years on earth, the truth will come out. Nigerians have seen the truth now, APC promised security, but today no security in North East, no security in North West and no security in North Central.

“They promised us jobs, today we have lost 10 million jobs. They promised us good economy, but today Nigeria is the bus stop of the capital of poverty.

“It is time for us to tell them to go home, we need better Nigeria. We want a Nigeria that will be secure. The man that will give you this, is the man that knows it, is the man that know how to get jobs for our youths.

“They to

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